Azureous Champagne Choker




Azureous Champagne Choker for any occasion! Handcrafted to chic perfection with iridescent and champagne beads, surrounded by sky-blue and champagne waxed string tied together with an adjustable beige waxed cord with a silver button closure.

~ Beaded
~ Handmade
~ Imported
~Silver Button Closure ​

La Chic Designs accessories and hand bags are made with exceptional fabrics primarily procured from Northern part of India, the Mecca of Cotton hand-loom industry. A variety of gorgeous fabrics ranging from Cotton, Jacquard, Jute, Silk and Wool are used, creating extraordinarily distinctive hand embroideries and designs.

We directly work with the artisans in India to combine “East meets west”, incorporating tending fashion ideas here and conceptualize with Indian production. The artisans take 2 to 3 days exclusively hand-crafting each bag, making every single product remarkably unique therefore may slightly vary in terms of design.

Our designers and artists strive to be different and successfully so. Novelty is Our Pride because of the outstanding, incomparable craftsmanship and transcendent beauty of each handmade bag, setting us apart from everyone.