About Us

La Chic designs is small, independent business that specializes in the wholesale and retail of jewelry, accessories, and handbags. Our products are designed, handmade, and then imported to us here in Dallas.


La Chic Designs started out as a small family business that was founded 30 years ago. Originally, the company specialized in fashion watches, but quickly expanded into fashion jewelry and sterling silver. Our jewelry and sterling silver was imported from places all over the world, such as Thailand, Italy, Mexico, China, Korea, and India. More recently, La Chic Designs expanded into handbags and clutches. Both our founder, Gauri Chhabra, and our sourcing specialist, Rakhi Malik, play a vital role in both designing and importing each one of our pieces.


Who We Are is What We Do


La Chic Designs is far more than just a business. Each one of our pieces is build to reflect unique, worldly artistry and values. We make sure to handcraft each one with you in mind. Our accessories and hand bags are made with exceptional fabrics primarily procured from Northern part of India, the Mecca of Cotton hand-loom industry. A variety of gorgeous fabrics ranging from Cotton, Jacquard, Jute, Silk and Wool are used, creating extraordinarily distinctive hand embroideries and designs. We directly work with the artisans in India to combine “East meets West”, incorporating trending fashion ideas here and conceptualized with Indian production. The artisans take 2 to 3 days exclusively hand-crafting each bag, making every single product remarkably unique therefore may slightly vary in terms of design.

​Our designers and artists strive to be different and successfully so. Novelty is Our Pride—– the outstanding, incomparable craftsmanship and transcendent beauty of each handmade bag, sets us apart from the rest.